Aside from a couple of quick errands, it was another day of watching over Lulu. She seems to be healing from her surgery and doesn’t appear to be especially bothered by her stitches. I went outside with her several times to keep an eye on her in the backyard. The robin was back today, hunting for worms again.


One of several mourning doves in the yard.


An unusual visitor, especially on the ground–a Blue Jay. When I do see a jay–which isn’t very often–it’s generally up in a tree or flying by. This bird walked around on the ground for several minutes.


One more of the jay before it flew off.


The cardinal was out there, and he appeared to be bothered by whatever is on his beak. It looked like he ate something but some residue was left on the outside edges. Several times he rubbed it against the ground.


One anole today, a big male climbing the pool steps.


And we finally have tomatoes on our cherry tomato plant. I’ve seen lots of flowers, but today there were several tiny tomatoes visible.