Here’s the only anole I photographed today–a red-headed female with part of her tail missing. She’s already starting to regenerate a new tail.


After a slow start, our basil for this year has taken off and is growing beautifully now. There’s a bit of parsley at the bottom left.


Cherry tomatoes are growing well too. These are not the Super Sweet 100’s we had for the last few years–I looked for that variety, but couldn’t find any of those plants. So I settled for this plant, another type of cherry tomato, and we’ll see how the tomatoes turn out. There are lots of them forming on the plant.


Last for today is Lulu, who is due to have her stitches taken out tomorrow morning. (Still wearing her protective gear in this photo.) She was taking a nap and showing off the usefulness of long floppy ears–they can block out the light when she’s sleeping.