We have mockingbirds everywhere and there are almost always a few of them in the yard. Mockingbirds are not very big, a bit smaller than a robin, but they are bold, assertive, territorial birds.


In the tall pine trees behind the houses across the street, there are crows–much larger birds with a wingspan of about three feet. The crows mostly stay over there, but this evening a few crows chased a hawk through my backyard. The hawk flew off, leaving the crows in my yard, and the mockingbirds were extremely upset about this.

The mockingbirds began attacking the crows and forced several crows to leave. One last stubborn crow was sitting on a wire out front as the mockingbirds took turns swooping in and attacking. Photos weren’t easy–black bird against white sky, combined with gray and white mockingbirds–but I did get some. This mockingbird had just swooped close to the crow.


Another mockingbird attack from the opposite direction.


Crow is cawing as mockingbird flies by.


I like the mockingbird in this photo. The crow is perched with its head tipped far forward in front of the wire.


Mockingbird and crow, both with wings spread.


Crow by itself, brightened up more.


Double attack–two mockingbirds swooping through together. The crow had had enough by this point, and flew away as I took this picture.