I spent the entire evening at the emergency vet clinic with Lulu, and we didn’t get home until well after 11:00. And Lulu seems to be doing okay now, which is the main thing.

She was jumping around in excitement as she usually does at suppertime, and suddenly yelped and started holding up her left front leg. She couldn’t put any weight on it and didn’t want to move. We waited a short time to see if she’d start to walk, but she didn’t. With help from a neighbor I got her into the van and took her to the emergency clinic about a half hour away. When we got there, Lulu was bearing weight on the hurt leg again and seemed to have recovered. Since we were already there and I didn’t know what had been wrong, I took her in and had her checked over. The vet couldn’t find any obvious problems other than a little age-related arthritis–nothing broken or torn– and she was continuing to walk pretty normally, so we came on home with some medication for her.

Too late for a Lulu photo tonight but here’s one from another day.


And one anole shedding its skin from this morning.