Magic Attic Club dolls are 18 inch vinyl dolls made between 1994-2004, with faces sculpted by doll artist Robert Tonner. They represented a group of young girls who were friends, formed a club, had adventures, and so on. Naturally there were lots of different clothes and accessories for them! This is one of the Magic Attic Club dolls–Keisha, an African-American girl. She has long curly black hair and brown eyes, with painted lashes, eyebrows, and lips. For most of the time they were being produced the dolls had wigs, but this Keisha was made in 2003 and has rooted hair. I love her sweet face.


Keisha has joints at her neck, shoulders, and hips, can stand by herself, and can pose easily. She’s wearing one of the many Magic Attic outfits–a striped tee shirt, matching striped headband, white skirt, and red sandals.


I don’t know how Keisha’s hair would hold up for a child’s play, but it’s stayed in nice condition for me as a collector! Some earlier versions of Keisha had braids or straight hair.


One more of Keisha.


It rained again today, and when it was over I came across this spider web covered with raindrops, drooping down from the weight of the water.


Raindrops on the web.


Baby anole on the gate–this one is a boy.


And I saw the anole with the damaged dewlap today, and he didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken. You can see the edge of the dewlap hanging out on his neck.


And here he is with his dewlap extended–it looks like only the top half can be displayed.