Big guy on the palm tree.


And a little juvenile anole on the fence, much smaller than the big male on the palm tree.


A baby anole on the fence.


This young anole likes this part of the fence, and likes this position too as she watches for insects. I’ve seen her here often, posed just like this.


Another baby anole.


And here’s the tiniest, youngest baby I saw today. I gently scooped her up and put her in a white plastic tub with a ruler and some pennies scattered around to give an idea of her actual size. I’ve taken photos similar to this before–I like to show how very tiny these little ones can be.


Sitting beside a penny.


She stepped up on the ruler and sat there for a couple of minutes. Her body from her nose to the beginning of her tail is less than an inch long. After taking photos I brought her back to where I found her, and she darted off into the grass by the fence.