This insect spent much of the day sitting on the wall outside the back door. I don’t know what it is, but I like its bright colors and patterns. It does have both antennae and all its legs, by the way–they just don’t all show in this photo.


This paper wasp spent some time in the basil plants today.


I couldn’t tell what the wasp was doing, but it landed here and there on the basil leaves and seemed to examining things very closely.


The big male anole in his usual spot on the edge of the screen door, watching what’s going on in the house. He doesn’t mind photos taken through the glass door, but if I open the door he immediately runs off.


One more for today–a new doll that just arrived. She is very small, only 8 inches tall, and she has multiple joints for posing–even ankle and wrist joints and a waist joint. Her name is Ten Ping and she is a little Chinese girl. She has such a sweet little face. I’ll be taking more photos of her soon.