More appointments and errands today, followed by the usual afternoon storm, so just a few photos.

The bluebird was around again–there were actually at least two bluebirds together in the yard at one point. I wonder if this is a juvenile bluebird. If several young bluebirds left their nest recently, that would account for the bluebirds I’ve been seeing.  The rumpled feathers on the lower body look at lot like the speckled feathers on young mockingbirds.


Bluebird turning to look at the camera.


And here’s the bluebird on the palm tree. This bluebird was exploring all over the yard this afternoon.


On a wire out front I saw this ball of feathers with one leg and a beak. It’s a mockingbird of course, in an awkward pose as it groomed itself.


Mockingbird looking more normal here.