Lulu licking her lips as she looks up at cherry tomatoes.


Lulu looking thoughtful by the tomato plant.


Today I saw a bird I haven’t seen around here before–a Loggerhead Shrike, which was sitting up high in the big pine tree. It’s a little smaller than a mockingbird, with a distinctive black mask across its eyes. These photos are the best I could do at that distance, but enough to identify it.


It’s apparently not an ordinary bird, though–it’s a tiny predator that preys on mice, small birds, reptiles and amphibians along with insects. It’s an interesting bird, but I don’t want my backyard anoles being attacked. Maybe the shrike won’t stay around.


The green anole was back on the fence today, and unfortunately wasn’t looking very healthy. It seemed sluggish and looked thin.


Then a male brown anole came along the fence and stopped when he reached the green anole. He tried a dewlap display.


That seemed to work in alerting the green anole to his presence. The green anole turned around and walked toward the brown anole. I wasn’t sure what would happen next, wondering if the brown anole would show aggression.


But the brown anole just stood there and let the green anole walk past him. This was a very unusual situation–I’ve seldom seen brown and green anoles together like this.


A little later I saw the green anole on the gate, looking a little more alert than earlier. The meeting with the brown anole may have had an effect on it.


Last one for today is the male brown anole, showing off his dewlap again and looking surprised to see me watching him.