There was a busy squirrel up in the big pine tree today, picking pine cones and eating the pine nuts inside of them. I saw the squirrel’s tail first, waving up over a group of pine cones.


The squirrel carried the pine cone back to a branch and picked it apart as it ate.


Then it was off to pick another pine cone–a very green one.


Back in its spot on the branch, the squirrel went to work on the new pine cone.


There was a Red-bellied woodpecker up in the pine tree too–maybe female, maybe a juvenile.


Another woodpecker came along and pecked at a nearby branch. At first I thought it was a male because of the red on its head, but the red is mostly on the back of the head and neck with not much red on top. So it may be a female.


The first woodpecker looked over and watched the second bird now and then.


Mockingbird in the palm tree.


Our house painting project is almost finished. Here’s what the concrete area outside the back door looked like after scraping and before the new paint. I can see blue, a dark reddish brown (maybe more than one color there) and a beige/cream–lots of colors from many years. This photo almost looks like a map.


Ant on the concrete, throwing a big shadow in the morning sunshine.