Lulu has allergies and she’s been having a flare-up lately, with a red itchy belly whenever it has too much contact with the grass. Lulu’s short, and with all the recent rain the grass is growing really fast, so poor Lulu has been having a hard time, even with her allergy medications. I wanted to try to cover her belly so she wore this red, white, and blue little girl’s dress today. It worked pretty well at protecting her and you can see how happy she is.


Lots of baby anoles around today. Here are two of them in the same photo.


Little anole on the gate.


This is a very young, very tiny female anole. Her little body is not quite as wide as the fence wire.


Young anole posing. This is not the aggressive, very curly-tailed juvenile anole I’ve seen a couple of times lately–that little anole wasn’t around today.