Our volunteer tomato plant (it sprouted on its own from a seed from a spring plant) is continuing to grow, producing flowers and new little green tomatoes. The biggest of the tomatoes is about two inches in diameter now, and there are plenty of smaller ones coming along.


I discovered a little lantana plant back by the shed today. It came up by itself and it’s already starting to flower. I love multi-colored lantana flowers like these. Those are flower buds in the center, which will add more blooms to this circle of flowers.


I caught a quick look at an unusual visitor to the fence today–a green anole. I haven’t seen very many of the them this year and I’m always pleased to spot one.


Big male brown anole.


And a little juvenile brown anole with its legs wrapped around the fence wire.


This little one is a female, and I like her tan and brown coloring. Her body is only about an inch long from nose to beginning of her tail.