I was up before sunrise this morning (Lulu really wanted her breakfast) and when I walked outside to pick up the paper I saw the crescent moon in the sky. I got the camera and took a few photos. Up above the moon and to the left of it were several bright stars or planets. When I looked up information about the moon this morning, I learned that I’d actually seen an interesting sight–the crescent moon with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in the sky around it. I think Venus is the bright planet in the upper sky, Mars is the one to the left of the moon, and Jupiter is below Mars.


Palm fronds on this sunny, pleasant day.


I saw a Carolina wren again today. This one was up in a tree and was making a lot of noise.


When the wren sings, it usually tips its head back and sings toward the sky.


One more of the wren.


I was surprised to see a gloriosa lily in bloom today–I thought they’d finished blooming awhile ago.