In addition to the 23 inch My Twinn dolls I’ve shown here before which represent children, the company also made some other dolls. This is one of them: Julia, a My Twinn Baby, the original name for this type of doll. (More recently they’ve been calling them Toddlers, but it’s the same doll. I’m going to call them Babies here because that was their original name, and it’s how Julia and my other Babies are tagged.) They are about 20 inches tall, with pudgy fabric bodies and an armature that makes it possible for them to stand up and pose. They have vinyl heads, lower arms/hands, and lower legs/feet. Julia is from the older Denver era of My Twinn, when their best quality dolls were being produced.


Julia has light brown/dark blonde hair with curls, blue eyes, and a happy open-mouth smile. She is wearing her original outfit of diaper, white onesie, and pink checked hat, top, and bottoms.


There were about a dozen different Babies available, the number varying from year to year. Julia must have been popular because she was in the catalogs for years. Each Baby in the collection had a different outfit and different combination of face mold, hair color, and eye color. People could also order custom Babies, choosing the face, hair and eyes they preferred.

Julia (like all the Babies) has one hand in a fist with her thumb sticking out. It won’t fit in her open mouth, but she can be posed with the thumb on her lips.