This is one of my little 8 inch dolls by artist Helen Kish. Her name is Tulah, and she is wearing her original Pippi Longstocking outfit. She has a vinyl head with a braided red mohair wig and hand-painted features including brown eyes and freckles. Her body is hard plastic with multiple joints. Tulah/Pippi wears an embroidered denim jacket over her colorful layered dress. She carries her monkey, which has a hard molded and painted head and a body of pipe cleaners.


Tulah/Pippi is showing off her shoes and stockings. She has one stocking with blue stripes and one with red stripes, and dark green high-top tie shoes.


She has thin wire in her braids which allows them to be bent in different positions.


I spotted this little warbler with a white eyebrow and a dark eye line on a wire this afternoon.


When it ruffled its feathers I could see a darker crown.


And when it turned around I saw the yellow underparts and its bobbing tail, confirming that it was a Palm Warbler.