A couple of anole shots first today. This is a young female–easy to tell it’s a girl by the pattern on her back. She has a light-colored central line with wavy shapes around it.


This one’s a male, with a bit of a crest raised on his neck and back, and with a bit of his dewlap showing. He may have an eye on another anole that he wants to impress or scare off, or he may have been aiming it at me and the camera.


I haven’t been seeing many mockingbirds lately. Mockingbirds are usually all over the yard, but the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing mostly warblers, wrens, bluebirds, and starlings. I spotted this mockingbird today, looking back over its shoulder.


And here’s another My Twinn Baby (or Toddler, which is what they’ve been calling them recently. Like the doll I showed a week or two ago, Lauren is about 20 inches tall, with a chubby fabric body and an armature so she can stand up and pose. She has a vinyl head, lower arms/hands, and lower legs/feet.  Lauren has straight blond hair, light hazel eyes, and a big open mouth smile with two teeth showing. She’s wearing her original outfit, a soft pink sleeper and matching hat. Like Julia, she’s an older doll from the Denver era of My Twinn.


This must have been a face mold that was popular and that My Twinn liked. They made several Babies/Toddlers with this same face, just changing the names, the hair and eye colors, and the clothes. Danielle had dark brown curly hair and brown eyes and wore a one-piece sailor outfit with a hat; Courtney had pale blond curly hair and hazel eyes and wore a pink flowered dress and hat; and Sydney had brown curly hair and brown eyes and wore dark blue overalls with a light blue shirt.

I like the dimples in Lauren’s cheeks.