Doll artist Helen Kish’s Riley is a tiny doll about 7 inches tall, representing a little girl about 3-5 years old. She has a vinyl head and hard plastic body with a mohair wig and hand-painted features. Tonight I was reviewing how to set a custom white balance on my camera and taking some indoor custom white balance shots without flash, and I chose little Riley as my subject.

First I took a photo of Riley with the settings on my camera as they were when I picked it up–manual, with the white balance set for a cloudy day outside. Riley was indoors under incandescent light, and the combination of camera setting and lighting turned her orange.


I set the camera for a custom white balance and took a few more shots. Riley’s coloring is much improved (though not perfect) and she looks much more like herself here.


The room wasn’t especially bright and these photos were handheld without flash, with the ISO set pretty high. They would have been sharper with more light and a lower ISO.


One more of Riley. I