This guy is still the boss the tomato pot by the post. He’s the anole with the damaged dewlap, and he’s been hanging around in that area since early summer.


Over on the palm tree I came across a green anole (it looks brown at the moment, but it’s a green anole). I always enjoy seeing a green anole.


Around the other side of the palm tree a spider had built a pretty large web, stretching from the tree trunk  to the fence 5 or 6 feet away. The spider, one I’d never seen before, was at about eye-level in the web. It was about a half inch across, red with a big white triangle on its back. I looked it up and learned that it’s an Arrowhead Spider, Verrucosa arenata, a harmless orb weaver. It obviously got its name from the white triangle.


Most spiders position themselves in their webs with their heads down, but the Arrowhead Spider sits with its head up.


A view of the spider’s underside.


I’ll look tomorrow to see if the spider is still there.