I was outside early this morning with Sophie, and I went over to the palm trees to check on the Arrowhead Spider. It was in the big web in the same area as yesterday, about at my eye level, and it had captured some prey. I didn’t have my favorite close-up lens, the 90mm, but I took a couple of shots anyway. This is the underside of the spider, head at the top, reaching its legs up toward its prey.


After I went inside I changed to the 90mm lens and a short time later I went back out for more spider photos. The spider and web were gone, with only a wisp of spider silk left on the side of the palm tree. I don’t know what happened–maybe Sophie or Lulu walked through the web and destroyed it. But I’m glad I did take the photo above while I had the chance.

I heard a mockingbird singing loudly, and spotted it at the top of the palm tree.


It was perched in the center of a group of palm berries.


And the mockingbird had to have a snack now and then during intermissions in its singing.


Little blue wildflower in the yard.


There were lots of little Palm Warblers in the yard this morning.


Palm Warbler posing with a few fall leaves.


More fall leaves. The yellow on the warbler around its tail blends right in.


Warbler sitting on the fence.