Another one of my many My Twinn dolls today. This one is a 23-inch boy doll with a vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs on a stuffed fabric body with an internal armature–he can stand by himself and pose in many positions. Over the years of production there were over 40 different face molds and a wide assortment of skin, hair, and eye colors. This little boy has the Sharon face mold which has a more serious expression, and he has light brown skin, curly dark hair, and dark brown eyes.


His head was made in the 1990’s-early 2000’s when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and the best quality dolls were being produced. The company later moved to Virginia, which is where his body was made in 2008 and when he was assembled. His lips and eyebrows were painted in Virginia and his brows don’t have artist touch that many earlier dolls had, but I still like his expression.


Unfortunately My Twinn has discontinued their 23-inch dolls and won’t be producing any more. These dolls have always been one of my favorites, and I’m sorry there won’t be any more of them–but I’m happy to have the ones I’ve collected over the past years!