Recently I’ve shown several My Twinn Babies (or Toddlers, as the company was also calling them), and today I have two more.

These two were both Hailey, a little girl with curly pale blonde hair, green eyes, a happy open mouth smile, and dimples. The curls across the forehead on my two Haileys were a bit wild and wiry, so I trimmed bangs on both of them. Then I decided to make one of them a boy, so that one got a more extensive haircut! You can see how nicely they can pose with their internal armatures. They can easily be positioned to sit, stand, and hold things


The little girl is wearing her original flowered one-piece pajamas. (She also came with a dark pink fleece jacket and hat, not shown here.)


The little boy is wearing preemie-size one-piece blue print pajamas that fit him perfectly.