A My Twinn boy for today. This is 23 inch Micah and he has the Micale face mold, one of several Asian faces made in the early Virginia era of  the My Twinn doll company. He was a custom doll–I chose his face, his hairstyle, and his hair, eye, and skin colors from a variety of options.


Micah was made at an interesting time in My Twinn history, after the company closed in Denver and then re-opened in Virginia. Micah is different from the Denver dolls–he’s just a bit shorter and smaller, as if his vinyl head, arms and legs were poured from slightly smaller molds. The vinyl is a little different too, with a slightly translucent look,  and his eyes are not the same as the eyes used by the Denver company.


Denver produced the best quality dolls, but Micah has his own appeal and I’ve always liked him very much.