It’s been a long time since Christmas, when my computer gave out, but I’m back today. In addition to the computer problems we had some family medical issues. Everything seems to be straightened out now though, and all is well here. Today’s post has a mix of photos from January and from today, the first day of February.

This afternoon I scooped a ladybug out of the pool and set it on the rosemary plant to dry off and recover. Here’s the red ladybug walking around on the plant before it took off and flew away.


A January sunset.


Even in January we had anoles sitting out in the sun here on nice days. This one was displaying his dewlap, trying to impress everyone in the area.


And this female anole was shedding her skin.


A big red-headed male anole on the gate today, with a bit of a crest showing on his neck.


A January bluebird.


Yesterday a couple of vultures landed in the big pine tree, and one of them–a Black Vulture–flew down to perch for a few moments on my neighbor’s shed.


Here’s Sophie, looking happy in the backyard.


And here’s sweet Lulu, lying on her back begging for a belly rub.