Sunny but cool today, after a cold night with near-freezing temperatures. This little female anole was out in the sun on the gate this afternoon.


These look like fall leaves, but I see the color change on this tree around this time every year. Maybe some low temperatures are needed before the leaves to change color.


It’s been a long time since I posted photos of any of my Masterpiece dolls. Today I took Hannah (my Masterpiece Annecke) outside for a few photos. Hannah is about 40 inches tall, the size of a real 3 to 4-year-old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has multiple joints so she can be posed in different positions. Hannah can stand by herself if posed carefully, but it was windy today so I used her stand.


Hannah’s outfit was made by the My Twinn company, which has recently gone out of business. My Twinn produced dolls with many choices of face molds, skin tones, and hair and eye colors. They also made children’s clothes to match their doll clothes, so a little girl and her doll could wear matching outfits. My Twinn had a big closing sale and I got some clothes for Hannah and her 46 inch tall “sister” Faith.

Hannah’s pullover hoodie sweater has a big front pocket–she has her thumbs in it here. Both her sweater and jeans are decorated with embroidered snowflakes.


Hannah looking up to the right. She has a happy open-mouth smile with some upper teeth.


Hannah with her hood down. She has very long thick blonde hair.


One more of Hannah.