This anole was sitting on the bottom of the gate this afternoon. He sat still and didn’t seem to mind having his picture taken.


When I looked at the photos later, I saw that he seems to have a dent in his side–maybe a healing injury.


And then I noticed that his full right rear leg wasn’t visible in any of the pictures. Either his leg was bent under him with part of it out of sight, or he had lost the lower part of that leg. The part I could see didn’t show any obvious wounds, so I really don’t know. I’ll have to watch for this anole.


Here he is, sitting on the gate and watching me.


Then there was a little drama over on the pool steps. This young male was hanging out on the end of one step, keeping an eye on what was going on around him.


Then a second young male approached, hopping up onto the step above the first anole. He walked along the step until he was directly above the other anole.


The first anole spotted the other lizard overhead and was very unhappy with this invasion of his territory. He puffed up his body, displayed his dewlap, did pushups, and even extended his tongue.


The second anole was easily intimidated and quickly left. The first anole calmed down but continued to be watchful.