Lots of anoles today. First is this big male with a huge crest–he’s trying to look big and tough.


Anole looking over the top of the fence.


A moment after that shot, I spotted another anole peeking out–one I don’t see very often, a green anole.


The green anole wasn’t too sure about the camera, but sat still long enough for a couple of photos before running off.


Brown anole in a dramatic pose.


Here’s the three-legged anole. I’ve been keeping an eye on him, and he’s still hanging around in the same area. I couldn’t get his right rear leg stump to show in the photo–it’s behind a leaf–but the “dent” in his right side is visible.


Flowers are last for today. These are what remain of the tiny white flowers in the tree overhanging the backyard–many of them blew away in the wind the other day. These are starting to turn brown around the edges and won’t be there much longer.