Lulu pausing for a sniff on her way to the door.


And happy Sophie.


Here’s the three-legged anole, sitting on his favorite tile late this afternoon.


It was another exciting day for lizard battles. I saw these two on the bottom rail of the gate: dark anole on the left, tan anole on the right. They had obviously been fighting already–both were already a bit banged up with blood spots on their faces.


The dark anole attacked first.


The tan anole quickly got the upper hand, with a firm grip on his opponent’s face.



And then the tan anole performed an amazing move, swinging the dark anole off the rail while maintaining his grip on the dark anole’s head.


The tan anole hung onto the rail with his back feet while continuing to fight the dark anole.



The dark anole eventually pulled free and ran away. The tan anole went up to the top of the gate and posed there. I noticed that his dewlap seemed to hang down slightly with a pointed edge instead of a curve.


The victor in this battle turned out to be the big male anole with the damaged dewlap who lived in one of the big tomato pots last summer. I recently moved, emptied and cleaned out the pots to get them ready for this year’s plants. I had seen this guy in his pot once already this month, but he wasn’t around the day I moved the pots. Now I guess he’s looking for new territory around the gate since his home turf suddenly disappeared!