Baby mockingbirds in the yard again, flying from fence to ground to tree, squawking the whole time for food from their parents. This one was posing on the fence.


Soon enough a sibling showed up, and then an adult bird, which I’ll call the mother. She sat between her two young ones, who competed for her attention.


The baby on the right was the most dramatic.


But both of them were yelling at her.


Mom didn’t seem bothered too much by all the commotion.


But after awhile she flew off to one of the palm trees. The young bird on the left gave up and started hunting around on the ground for food, but other bird followed her over to the palm tree. Mom pretty much ignored the little one, and finally left.


Last for today: our first little tomato to start ripening! It needs to ripen more, but it’s a sign that the rest of the tomatoes will soon be ripening too!