A very quiet day here without any dogs going in and out, playing with toys, looking for treats, napping on the couch.

Outside I saw this anole on the palm tree, displaying his pretty yellow-streaked dewlap as he took a sideways look at me.


He ran around to the other side of the tree and showed off again.


Looking at this little guy on the palm tree reminded me of how Sophie used to love to help me look for anoles on the palm trees when she was younger. I knew I had a picture somewhere and I found it in a folder of older photos. This is from around 2008, when Sophie was about a year old. I was taking a photo of the anole, and Sophie poked her head into the background as she looked at the anole too.



The first gloriosa lily opened in the front yard today–beautiful bright red and yellow.


A bud on one of the backyard gloriosa plants–they are slower to start blooming, but soon there will be lots of lilies.