Best thing today: the first tiny, newly hatched baby anole I’ve seen this spring! He was on a blade of grass near the fence, the sun lighting him up against a mostly shady background. Not a great photo, but the best I could do before he darted into hiding. His body from nose to where his tail begins was no more than an inch long.


There were two bluebirds on the fence this morning, an adult and a juvenile. They sat there together for awhile–the baby bluebird was much calmer than the noisy baby mockingbirds pestering their parents!


A little later the same pair of bluebirds turned up on a wire out front.


A mockingbird sitting on a wire.


And striking an odd pose here.


Anole on the fence–this one likes to climb and often sits in this position, watching what’s going on below.


Tomato almost ready for picking. The shadows on this tomato are from other, smaller green tomatoes up higher on the tomato plant.