Tomatoes growing on one of our tomato plants. There are enough ripe red ones to pick a bowlful every day, and plenty of little green ones coming along.


A green anole turned up on the fence today–there aren’t many green anoles around, and I always enjoy seeing one. He was a male, and I just missed his dewlap display.


There were three baby anoles on the fence today, so more babies are hatching. I went to get the camera and when I returned, there was only one baby in sight–the one I’ve been watching for about a week now. He’s still tiny, but looking a bit sturdier. At least his body didn’t seem to be translucent today!


He looks like he’s going to have some reddish coloring on his head and in the markings on his back.


One more of the baby anole. The bright greenish-yellow background colors, by the way, are a blur of grass and sunshine due to a shallow depth of field focused on the tiny anole. The blue background is actually a trash bin behind the fence and the anole.


Bluebird on a wire. I’ve been seeing quite a few bluebirds lately.


And another memory of my sweet girls Sophie and Lulu.