Tropical Storm Colin was passing through today, but fortunately we were just touched by the fringe of the storm. We had lots of rain, heavy at times, but no flooding in our neighborhood. There was a tornado warning at one point during the afternoon, but no tornados appeared anywhere near us. A few old palm fronds fell down from our palm trees and that was about it.

During a pause in the rain this afternoon I went outside for a few photos. Here are raindrops hanging from some of our tomatoes.


And a couple more wet tomatoes.


The palm trees are reflected upside down in this raindrop.


Leaf covered with raindrops.


And a raindrop on a gloriosa lily, reflecting other lilies.


Memory of Sophie and Lulu today: Lulu next to Sophie, leaning against her and looking up at her. They were so different, but they loved each other so much.