Dragonflies seem to like to sit on the tomato cages and sometimes on the tomato plants, and since the tomato plants are outside the back door this year, I spot the dragonflies out there often. I think this one is a female Blue Dasher.


This one is tiny, around an inch long, and I think it’s an Eastern Amberwing.


Bluebird sitting in a palm tree. It would watch for insects, and periodically swoop down to the ground to grab a bug or spider.


Baby anole on the fence–still tiny, but starting to look a little more grown up.


Richard, the little dog next door, has been puzzled by the disappearance of his neighbors Sophie and Lulu. Richard and Sophie, and sometimes Lulu, would meet at the fence almost every day. Richard and Sophie used to love to run up and down the fence together–though after a few minutes of this, Richard would get too excited and take off running in big loops around his yard. Here are the three of them saying hello at the fence.