The gloriosa lilies in the back corner of the yard are blooming prolifically right now. Most of them are on my side of the fence, with a couple of plants in my neighbor’s (Richard’s) yard. Lots of blooms and buds.


Anole on my shoe. These are my yard shoes, kept outside the back door, and anoles often perch on them or hide inside them. (I always check the shoes before using them!)


The tomato plants are putting out lots of little tomatoes. They are especially good freshly picked, warm from the sun. I pick some every day but not all of them make it into the house. The three red ones in this photo have already been enjoyed.


I remember Lulu running across the yard to the back door, ears flapping. I’d encourage her, telling her she was a good running dog, and she’d be so happy. And then I’d have to give her a dog treat when she came in. She’s licking her lips in anticipation here.


And a memory of Sophie, posing regally in the yard. I had fun taking photos of Sophie–she was a natural model, turning her head in different directions and striking poses.