I’ve had quite a few baby anole photos so far this spring, but I think they’ve all been males. Today a female baby finally turned up. You can tell she’s a girl by the pattern on her back–a light-colored line down her back and tail with wavy shapes around it. (Males have more of chevron pattern.)


A little male was watching her from behind the edge of a concrete tile nearby.


She was a bold, assertive little female. She put on a display, doing some vigorous push-ups.


I’m not sure if this was tongue protrusion, something anoles will do as part of a display, or if she’d grabbed a tiny bug. Whatever it was, she didn’t let the camera bother her.


The little guy nearby continued to watch her, but she was apparently too scary for him to approach and he stayed in his spot, craning his neck to keep his eye on her.


She turned around and posed for the camera–this girl isn’t timid and didn’t run away.


Very pretty, very bold little girl, even at her tiny size–body only about an inch long from nose to beginning of her tail.


Our old backyard privacy fence was damaged in a storm awhile back, and we ended up having to take it down. We decided to see how we liked the backyard without a fence for awhile, but it didn’t take too long to determine that we really did want a new fence. On Tuesday people came to trim the trees and to clean up the line where the fence would go, and today the new fence was put up. Here are our trimmed palm trees with the new fence behind them. I am much happier.


Sunset tonight behind the big pine tree. The tree (which is in a neighbor’s yard) is dead now, but hasn’t been taken down yet. I’ve been photographing it for years at sunset, and I will miss it when it’s gone.


Memory of my girls Sophie and Lulu for today.