We’ve missed Sophie and Lulu so much this spring. We’ve always had at least one dog in our house so the house has felt very empty. It took awhile, but lately we started feeling ready to bring home another dog.

We decided to look for a medium size young adult rescue dog. We didn’t care if the dog was male or female–we’ve had both boys and girls and loved them all. After checking the websites of nearby animal shelters and visiting several places, we found our dog and brought him home today.

Max Is a three-year-old male mixed breed, 35 pounds, his head just a little higher than my knee. The shelter had him listed as a shepherd mix, but he’s obviously much smaller than a German shepherd so there’s more than that in him! This is one of his shelter photos.


When I visited the shelter, a staff member took Max and me to a small fenced play yard to get acquainted. Max tends to need a little time to warm up to new people, so at first he ignored me.


But after a short time he was coming up to me, lying or sitting beside me, and enjoying being touched and petted.


He hopped right into the van when we left the shelter, and to my surprise he was a perfectly behaved passenger, calmly  enjoying the ride. By this evening he was lying between my husband and me on the couch, accepting petting and even belly rubs. We’re off to a good start, but I know we still have a lot of learning and adjusting ahead!

One more of Max’s shelter photos.