Max is first today, enjoying the sunshine in the backyard. He went to the vet today for his first visit and came out with a clean bill of health. He was anxious while we were there, and I think he may have thought he was being left again. He was very happy to get back in the van with me and to return home to our house.


I saw this grasshopper on the fence this afternoon. I’ve never seen one like it before–it had a very worn, raggedy look, which may have just been its normal appearance, or may have been the look of a grasshopper that had survived over the winter. Not the best photos due to lighting.


A head-on view of the grasshopper. Even its eyes have that “threadbare”, worn look, so maybe that is just its normal look–maybe even a form of camouflage.


I didn’t have my camera with me when I spotted two baby anoles engaging in an actual fight. One was slightly bigger and older than the other and he was the winner of the battle. By the time I fetched the camera the fight was over and the smaller baby was running away, while the winner was watching him go.


The winner then climbed up on the fence and sat there for awhile. There’s just a hint of a dewlap showing on this tiny anole’s throat.