We’re in our late afternoon rain time of year right now, with some rain almost every afternoon. Here are some green tomatoes after the rain.


And raindrops on a ripe tomato.


Pretty female baby anole. She’s a little redhead with more reddish coloring on her body.


Max tried something new today–playing with a Frisbee. I picked one up the other day just to see if he might like it. And yes, he did.


I’d toss it across the yard, and he’d run to get it. He didn’t catch it of course, but he had a great time chasing it and grabbing it when it hit the ground. Then he’d run back to me with it.


He’d examine it and chew on it a little. Notice how he uses both paws to hold and lift the Frisbee. Smart little guy!


Then I’d make him give it back to me and I’d toss it again for another return.


So Max loved the Frisbee and worked off a lot of energy with it. I think we’ll get a sturdier one that will hold up better now that I know he enjoys it!


My next door neighbor, Richard’s owner, planted a bed of yellow dwarf lantana in her front yard recently. She told me she’d named it the Sophie and Lulu garden, and that she thought of Sophie and Lulu every time she looked at the flowers. I think of my girls every time I look at the little garden too. Here’s one of the lantana plants in the garden.


And a closer look at the yellow lantana flowers in the Sophie and Lulu garden.