Lots and lots of babies around lately, more every day! Today I scooped up a very tiny female baby and took a few photos of her. I like to put a baby anole with some everyday objects for a size comparison–it’s hard to imagine how very small a newly hatched anole can be!

I put this little girl in a clear plastic shoebox along with a few coins, a pencil, and an Office Depot ballpoint stick pen. Here she is with the pencil on the left and a nickel on the right. She’s larger than life-size in this photo–compare a nickel to the size of the nickel in the photo.


Baby anole with a nickel.


And the baby anole next to the ballpoint pen, which is about 1/4 inch in diameter.


After the brief photo session I set her back in the grass in the area where I found her, and off she went.