Max and I were out in the yard this morning when a mockingbird started singing. It was so loud that it even caught Max’s attention. I looked for the bird and spotted it in a tree at the back of the yard during a rare moment of silence.


This noisy bird had a lot of singing to do!


Mockingbirds mimic other birds’ calls so there is variety in their song.


Mockingbird continuing to sing.


This shot will have to go into my collection of photos of mockingbirds in peculiar positions. The bird was rubbing its face against the tree branch here, maybe because it was itchy.


Max in the yard, listening to the birds and watching me take photos.


The top of the big pine tree I’ve photographed so many times over the years. It’s dead now, with dry pine cones and a few dry brown pine needles instead of the bright green needles of the healthy trees.