Max, our little rescue dog, has decided that he likes to hunt for anoles in the backyard. Fortunately for the anoles he’s not very good at it and hasn’t caught one yet! He was poking around the palm trees this afternoon, looking for anoles.


A little dirt on his nose from his search.


One more of Max the anole hunter.


Two Eastern Amberwing dragonflies were flying around the tomato plants this morning, pausing to perch on the plants now and then. These are very small dragonflies, only about an inch long. This one is sitting on a tomato blossom.


Closer look at the little dragonfly.


And here’s the second dragonfly.


I saw a squabble between two baby anoles on the fence today. Both babies were females, one a little bit bigger and older than the other. I saw this little anole first, sitting on the upper part of the fence. For a size perspective on these tiny babies, keep in mind that the fence wire, which is almost the width of the baby anoles’ bodies, is actually only about 1/8 of an inch wide.


The second baby anole noticed the first one up above, did some push-ups, and climbed up toward her.


The second baby ran up the fence and jumped at the first, smaller baby. The first one swung upside down on a fence wire while the other little anole watched her. A moment later the first baby ran away down the fence.