Max goes to the fence a couple of times a day to look for our neighbor dog Richard, and quite often they’re both outside at the same time and meet up at the fence. But today was the first time I had my camera with me when Max and Richard got together at the fence. Richard (who’s a Chihuahua, or maybe a Chihuahua mix) stood up on his hind legs to get his face near Max’s.


Max and Richard (still up on his hind legs) saying hello. They both have reddish coats, dark muzzles, and big ears–Richard is just a lot smaller with a shorter, lighter red coat.


Getting ready to play–they like to run along the fence together the way Richard and Sophie used to do.


And Richard–who’s very fast–takes off before Max knows what’s happened. I love Max’s stance in that photo.


One more of Max and Richard.