I saw branches stirring in the tomato pots today, and finally a visitor emerged and hopped down to the ground: a little Carolina wren. These birds are naturally curious and can’t seem to resist inspecting everything they see.


One more of the wren.


We had a thunderstorm this afternoon, and when it was over, I saw this mockingbird holding its wings open. They do this sometimes when catching insects on the ground, but this bird was up on a post just after the rain, so I suspect it was drying its wings.


Mockingbird looking down below for insects.


This bird puzzled me and I finally had to turn to a bird identification group for help. They said it was a male house sparrow. House sparrows usually have darker, richer coloring on their wings and back, but the group felt this bird was still a house sparrow. House sparrows are considered common birds, but I don’t think I’ve seen one in the yard before.


Richard came out to see Max again today. He stood up on his hind legs, gazing down at Max.


Nose to nose here.


Thinking about my girls today, so I looked for a photo of Sophie and Lulu. I still miss them so much.