I noticed several anoles shedding their skin today. This one is a female.


And this one is a large male.


This female anole is just climbing along a fallen branch.


Bumblebee back on the basil flowers.


Last for today is Max. He’s been home for a month, and he seems to feel that he belongs here now: that this is his house, his yard, his dish, his bed. He’s an alert, active, curious boy. Sometimes we’ve wondered if he’s actually younger than 3, which was the shelter’s guess, because he often seems very young, playful, and puppyish. But maybe he didn’t have a chance to enjoy being a puppy where ever he started out, and he’s making up for it now. He can be a little rascal–he still loves to snatch paper out of the trash and shred it up–but he can be cuddly too. We’re enjoying our little guy.