The tomato plants are still producing tomatoes, but the weather is affecting them–they don’t care for these high temperatures, and too much rain can cause the tomatoes to split. In spite of that we do have tomatoes.


There are still blossoms on the plants.


And nice tomatoes waiting to be picked.


There are also bugs attacking tomatoes here and there, but on the whole they don’t do too much damage.


A little anole climbing on the fence.


And on the ground, another kind of lizard. It’s young and small like the anole lizard above, but quite a different creature. It has a striped tail and spotted body, and I see this lizard more often at night than in the daytime.


Here it is with its head out from under the bit of grass–it’s a little gecko. It didn’t stay around long and quickly ran to hide.


Last for today is Max at the fence, watching some people get in their car across the street. He has one foot pulled up as if he’s pointing.