A group of juvenile mockingbirds with speckled breasts and long gawky legs invaded our tomato plants this afternoon. There were about five of them, hopping around in the plants looking for tomatoes.


I try to pick regularly, but I’d left some split tomatoes on the plants. Too much water from our heavy afternoon showers can cause tomatoes to split, but the birds didn’t seem to care about that.


Easy to see that gawky juvenile look here. The birds quickly moved through the plants, looking for the tomatoes. In hot weather the tomatoes are a source of fluid when the birds are thirsty.


Occasionally a mockingbird would take off with a tomato–this one’s already been worked on.


And sometimes a young mockingbird would drop and lose a tomato in the grass.


And then the mockingbird would holler–apparently for help finding the tomato. An adult mockingbird was with the group of young ones, but the adult had no interest in helping with lost tomatoes.