More mockingbirds after the tomatoes today. This one was on the fence, preparing to strike. Lots of speckles on this young one’s chest.


This mockingbird grabbed a tomato and flew off with it, landing at the back of the yard. The bird dropped the tomato which rolled off to the right, out of the photo.Mockingbird20160731_24b

The young mockingbird found the tomato a moment later and stood guard over it while other birds approached.


Max kept busy trying to guard the tomato plants and chase away the birds. Here he is, keeping an eye on things. We’re enjoying Max, especially now as he’s settling down. He’s still a bundle of energy and needs lots of play and exercise, but he’s much calmer than he was when he arrived.


Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my sweet girls Sophie and Lulu–Sophie with her happy smile and constantly wagging tail, and Lulu who always begged me for belly rubs and dog cookies.