It was a gray, damp day today. I looked out the window this afternoon and saw two Swallow-tailed kites flying around and through some large trees down the street. I took the camera outside and did the best I could at that distance, in those weather conditions. Here’s a silhouette of one of the kites soaring through the sky.


The kites were too far away to see much detail and I didn’t want to leave my husband (who wasn’t feeling well) or mischievous Max while I walked down the street. But even though the photos weren’t great due to distance and weather, when I zoomed way in on the photos I could see that the kites had been capturing prey. A kite catches and carries prey with its talons, and often eats in flight as this bird is doing.


I couldn’t tell what the kites had caught but it’s likely they’d snatched up small birds as they flew through the trees.


It’s hard to see, but this is the underside of the kite with the prey in its talons raised to its bill.


One more kite photo.


And when I turned to go back into the house, I saw this little face in the window.