It didn’t rain all day–I took Max for a short walk today at the nearby community college–but when it wasn’t raining it was threatening to rain. I did get a fuzzy shot of a Red-shouldered Hawk through the front window this morning with early morning sun lighting it up from the east, but the clouds rolled in after that.


So here is another of my My Twinn dolls. This is another of the 23 inch dolls, but this one is a little boy and was made when the My Twinn company was located in Denver, where the best quality dolls were produced. He has the Helen face mold with fair skin, auburn hair and blue eyes. I added some freckles. He’s wearing a pair of My Twinn glasses.


I made his shirt and jeans, and his shoes are actually a pair of baby shoes. The 23 inch dolls have an internal armature that lets them stand and hold poses by themselves.


He doesn’t always wear the glasses. He’s holding the glasses here, showing off another pose.


One more of this little My Twinn boy.