Doctor appointments and stops at the grocery and drugstore took up a good part of the day today. I did get this shot of starlings up in the big pine tree before we left. The one in the middle with the tan head is a juvenile, still acquiring its adult plumage.


This evening I took another My Twinn doll down from the shelf for a few photos. This girl came from the Denver era of My Twinn back around 2000, when the best quality dolls were being made. She has the Ariel face mold, which is common and easily found but very sweet. She is wearing  original My Twinn clothes: top, jeans, socks, and shoes.


This little Ariel girl has long blonde hair and she did have green eyes. Over the years the green color has faded, not unusual for some doll eyes after around 16 years. I could change her eyes if I wanted to, but for now I’m leaving her as she is.